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Friday | 3rd Mar 2017

No. Title Slide
01. Allorecognition by the innate immune system Download
02. Allograft rejection through activation of the innate immune system Download
03. Allo-recognition by the adaptive immune system: Direct, Indirect and Semi-direct Pathways Download
04. Update on CD4 Effector T cells: Activation, Costimulation, Download
05. Immune monitoring in solid organ transplantation- Is it practical & feasible Download
06. B cells activation, memory and antibody secreting cells Download
07. Targeting B cells and plasma cells Download
08. Tissue Typing Technologies: What should a clinician know? Download
09. Case Presentation: Pre-transplant immunology work-up Download

Saturday | 4th Mar 2017

No. Title Slide
01 Non-antibody mediated role of B-cells in rejection Download
02 Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Assay techniques , sensitivity and limitations Download
03 Immunosuppression: Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics , Drug interactions and Concept of Intracellular and serum concentrations Download
04 Pre transplant DSA : Management of sensitized recipients –Desensitization protocols, procedures and economics Download
05 Highly Sensitized Recipient: Our Experience Download
06 Post Transplant DSA Utility and Controversies –what does the guidelines say? Download
07 The histopathology of a troubled kidney transplant Download
08 Antibody-mediated RejectionDiagonsis: the easy and difficult parts Download
09 Antibody Mediated Rejection: The Rationale of current treatment and what is the future direction? Download
10 Case Presentation Early ABMR Download
11 LATE ABMR Download
12 Access to transplantation in Malaysia – issues, challenges and the way forward Download